(Trick) How To Remove “Better Luck Next Time” From Google Pay Scratch Cards

How To Remove Google Pay Better Luck Next Time Error? :

1. First of all Just Update your Google Pay App From Play Store. :

Update Here

2. Open app and Go to Offers Section and you must have scratch card in it.

3. Open your Scratch Card and Just Scratch it Slidly only you can read that it’s giving money or better luck next time. Don’t Scratch it Completely.

4. Is so, then Get back to Dashboard of the App and Now Open Your Friend’s or Your Another Account of Google Pay and Tap on Gift Icon.

5. Select Available Scratch Cards.

6. Send / Gift it to your Friends or to your another account.

7. You will successfully sent the available gift cards to them.

8. Check your Another account and you will Receive that Gift Card.

9. Scratch it and you will Get some assured amount instantly in your Bank.

10. After Scratching the Card, You will receive money instantly in your Bank and you can check there is no error like better luck next time in that account.

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